Institutional Giving

The Mattress Factory was founded in 1977—by artists, for artists. The Mattress Factory’s artistic program, and the ability to provide artists with a research and development lab is the keystone to this organization’s mission—but the diversity of artists represented from all parts of the world is what makes this museum unique.


By inviting artists to live and work within an urban community, the Mattress Factory is able to expose visitors and artists, alike, to varying religious, political, ethnic, and socio-economic viewpoints through art. The central focus on creativity then becomes the catalyst to see the world around you in a new way, with deeper understanding and perhaps even with a different outlook.


Over the last 10 years, the Mattress Factory has more than doubled its museum audience from 30,000 to over 75,000. The education department has become radically inclusive by annually offering public programs to 17,000 learners of all ages and backgrounds—in part by specifically targeting disadvantaged, underserved and disabled audiences.


The Mattress Factory makes important contributions to community redevelopment, economic growth, and the vitality of the Pittsburgh region. Spending by the museum, its employees, and visitors results in upwards of $3,200,000 in economic output for other County businesses, such as restaurants & hotels.


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