Second and fourth Saturday of each month

10 - 11 am

$5 for one child + one parent or caregiver // FREE for MF Members


NEW! Register for 8 sessions for only $30!


Children ages 3 to 5 and their parents or caregivers are invited to explore, play + grow! Focused on a variety of themes and installations, participants can enjoy story time and work on a collaborative hands-on project. Mini-Factory is a mobile, adaptable pop-up space students can help to build and we use to explore new ideas and concepts.


Upcoming programs include:


May 13, 2017: SHAPES

Explore the different shapes in our everyday world through art and children's literature - you might be surprised what you discover!


May 27, 2017: PLACE

Your home is a place, your neighborhood is a place, the museum is a place... and every place is unique.  Explore how artists use place to create inspiring installations, then we'll create our own place!


June 10, 2017: STORIES

Stories are inspired by color, sound, smell, places and more. Learn about some of the stories behind the artwork at the Mattress Factory!


June 24, 2017: INVENT

Creating something from nothing takes risk and imagination. Together we'll discover how artists take risks by creating something from their imagination!


July 8, 2017: REFLECT(ION)

Reflections can add interesting effects to artwork, create tricks for the eye and give us moments to pause. Investigate how artists use this technique for fun and for reflection!


July 22, 2017: LINE

Lines create shapes and define spaces. Discover how artists use many different materials to create lines we never knew were there! 


August 12, 2017: REPEAT

Over and over again, artists use repetition to create special effects in their artwork. Get inspired by this technique at this program!


August 26, 2017: MOVEMENT

Art can move and groove in inspiring ways! Delve into the kinetics of art and shake it up in the galleries.



Visit the MF Calendar to see the most up-to-date information regarding Mini-Factory programs!