Sketchbook Tour
Explore the Mattress Factory through a creative lens! Each student is invited to respond to writing prompts and sketching opportunities during a guided tour through the museum’s galleries. Each student receives a hand­made Mattress Factory journal for use during the Sketchbook Tour. Writing and drawing utensils are provided.
The Sketchbook Tour is two hours.
$12 per student. One chaperone [admitted FREE] is required for every 10 students, with a 10 student minimum. The Sketchbook Tour is recommended for students in grades 3 through 12.
Groups of up to 60 people can be accommodated for a two­-hour Sketchbook Tour.
Reservations must be made a minimum of three weeks in advance.
Example Sketchbook Tour topics include:
Spend time with the museum’s installations thinking deeply about space and looking closely at the details. Respond to a series of writing and drawing prompts that capture what you notice: the qualities that draw you in, the choices the artist made, how others interact with the installation, and how the space makes you feel.
Inspired by artists in both our permanent collection and current exhibitions, go through a series of writing and drawing exercises that practice comparing and contrasting installations, pieces of various artworks, experiences, emotions and thoughts. Look closely, pay attention and think about how to share these thoughts through drawing and writing.
Choose one or several installations and create a character that would live in that space. Use drawing and written description to come up with the history, strengths, weaknesses, career, style, likes and dislikes of your character. Be prepared to describe how your character responds to your chosen installation, or perhaps how they would interact with a creature from a different installation.
Tour topics can be customized to your classroom curriculum or interests! For more information or to make a reservation, call 412.231.3169 or email the Mattress Factory Education Department. Pittsburgh Public School students receive special discounts!