Installation Lab
Museum Educators lead students on a guided tour of the museum, followed by a break. Students are welcome to bring sack lunches from school or home and to eat in the museum’s garden or lobby space. Students then engage in an hour­-long art activity in the museum’s education studio. All materials are provided.
The Installation Lab is three hours.
$15 per student. One chaperone [admitted FREE] is required for every 10 students, with a 10 student minimum. The Installation Lab is recommended for grades 1­ through 12.
Groups of up to 40 people can be accommodated for the Installation Lab.
Reservations must be made a minimum of three weeks in advance.
Example Installation Lab projects include:
Inspired by installation artists who use repetition or explore only one material. Students will be given just one mystery material (i.e. cardboard, pipe cleaners, toothpicks, masking tape, etc.) and they will have to create a new dynamic work of art using just that one material. Students will be challenged to think about their material in whole new ways.
Create a character that would live in an installation at the Mattress Factory. Come up with the story and details about the creature and then build a mask, puppet, prop or wearable that comes to life when it enters the museum.
Inspired by installation artists who use or comment on technology in their artwork. Design and create a modern device out of simple materials like recycled cardboard and plastic, or invent a new device that will improve or inhibit communication between people, animals, robots, rocks, trees, the earth, cars, airplanes, birds, or anything. Consider what is gained from using technology, and what is lost in translation.
Inspired by installation artists who consider landscape and nature in their work. Create a real or imagined model landscape out of natural and man­made materials. Consider the landscapes near your home or school, inside or outside of buildings, or take inspiration from Mattress Factory installations and extend those environments into your own creation.
For more information or to make a reservation, call 412.231.3169 or email the MF Education Department. Pittsburgh Public School students receive special discounts!