Third floor West gallery 500 Sampsonia Way / Stephen Bram

Stephen Bram, Third floor West gallery 500 Sampsonia Way, 2016



Sheetrock, timber, paint, fluorescent lights

Stephen Bram works with materials and objects in relation to points in space. Perspective, usually used to render space on a flat surface, produces -- in this work a 10' 8" x 14' 5" x 39' 8" installation -- a habitable space.
About the Artist
Over the last 30 years, Australian artist Stephen Bram has created abstract and conceptual works that function in relation to points in space. These include paintings, models, built constructions and commissions both with architects and by public institutions, including the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, and the Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art. He holds advanced degrees from the Victorian College of the Arts and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Well-known in Australia, this is Bram's first exhibition in the United States.
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