DREAMLAND / Henry Albertus

Henry Albertus, DREAMLAND, 2018



found and recycled objects, plants, 6-channel video loops

Henry Albertus was one of the first settlers of Vrygrond, or in Afrikaans, "free ground." It is now more commonly known as Capricorn Township. Informal Settlements or Townships are living structures set up on council land. Because they are not designed for housing, water and electricity are not part of the formula.

Traditionally, the houses are one-story units made from corrugated metal, plastics, glass and wood. However, Henry Albertus, who has spent his life reading about and exploring various construction techniques, has spent his life in Vrygrond breaking the traditional township house rules. By recycling rubbish from junkyards and upcycling it into many-leveled sculptural castles, Albertus has built works that echo architecture from all over the world.

Videographer: Corey Sattler
About the Artist
Henry Albertus recycles rubbish from junkyards to create many-leveled sculptural castles echoing architecture from all over the world in Capricorn Township, a shantytown in the Cape Town region.
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