Superhero Puppet Project: Cape Town, Baltimore & Pittsburgh / Charlie Jansen

Charlie Jansen, Superhero Puppet Project: Cape Town, Baltimore & Pittsburgh, 2018



paiper mache, cardboard, paint and scrap materials, plastic

Every Superhero rises out of the ashes of some sort of tragedy. Their planet blows up, their parents get killed in front of them, etc. We all have our own personal struggles and live in communities where tragedy strikes.

In this installation, students consider their own history and neighborhoods. What kind of superheroes are needed and why? Do these characters have a nemesis or a sidekick? What is their power and what is their passion? In other words, what is their story?
Artist Statement
Formerly incarcerated, I know what it is like to grow up in the Vrygrond (Capricorn) Township. I have personally traveled down roads that are put before my students. Most importantly, I understand the impact of Art (hopes/dreams) and Leadership (heroes/mentors).
About the Artist
Charlie Jansen is trained as a Community Art Facilitator and muralist and works at the Butterfly Project in Cape Town, serving low income families from pre-school to adulthood.
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