No where to go; Nothing to do: Just Sitting / Rev. Kyoki Roberts

Rev. Kyoki Roberts, Nowhere to Go; Nothing to Do: Just Sitting, 2003



mats, chair, audio

The Reverend Kyoki Roberts is a Zen Buddhist monk. The visitor is invited to experience aspects of Buddhist contemplative discipline, seated facing plain, white wall on traditional cushions. Instruction is provided through contemporary headsets.
About the Artist
Rev. Kyoki Roberts is a Soto Zen Buddhist priest and is a founding member of the Order of the Prairie Wind (OPW). She is the senior ordained student of Rev. Nonin Chowaney, Head Priest of Heartland Temple and OPW. She has trained at Hokyoji Monastery in Minnesota, San Francisco Zen Center and Green Gulch Farm in California, and Zuioji and Shogoji monasteries in Japan. Kyoki received Dharma Transmission from Rev. Nonin Chowaney, OPW in June 2001. She was appointed to serve as Deep Spring Temple's first Head Priest.
May 11 - June 15, 2003
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