Bob-ette’s Feast / Bob Sendall

Bob Sendall, Bob-ette's Feast, 2003



remains of feast: table, chairs, mirror, plates, glasses with wine, linens, candles, flowers, placecards and menus; video documentation and editing by Rob Long; collage by Jack Robinson

Bob Sendall is a chef and a party planner. A charity dinner held at the MF is filmed according to the conventions of reality television. The diners, treated as celebrities, are subjected to the indifferent scrutiny of the camera even at the most intimate moments of eating and drinking. The tawdry debris of the event, dead flowers, empty wine glasses and discarded napkins are reconfigured as token evidence of the event. Video, by contrast, documents the glamour of the occasion.
About the Artist
Bob Sendall is the Chef/Owner, Event Producer, Wedding Coordinator, and Consultant of All in Good Taste Productions, based in the Mexican War Streets in Pittsburgh, PA. 
May 11 - June 15, 2003
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