Random Numeric Repeater #8, #10 / Charles Benefiel

Charles Benefiel, Random Numeric, 2005



ink on paper

Two sets of drawings bear witness to Benefiel's obsessive practice. One presents a series of abstract numbers-based markings, created by strict repetitive formulae. A second series of figural drawings of disturbing poupettes is created by a series of meticulously placed dots of differing sizes. (The drawing evolves from the center of the sheet of paper, rejecting conventional approaches to composition). These strict methods allow a level of forgetfulness in the making of the work. A sound composition, which has the effect of blotting out external experience, accompanies the work.
About the Artist
Charles Benefiel grew up in Califronia. His art specializes in stippling. He likes to draw with no lines and after he is done, he starts a process that makes his art resemble the texture of old paper.
November 17, 2005 - January 8, 2006
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