Soul of Egypt / Asmaa Ezzat

Sound from Asmaa Ezzat's Soul of Egypt, 2011




Mixing the sounds that originated from within the heart of Egypt to express unity, this piece speaks its voice with AZAN and COPTIC CHRISTIAN hymns to say: We are one nation. Egypt remains “The Mother of the World.”
About the Artist
Asmaa Ezzat received her BA in Anthropology from Alexandria University in 2010. She started photography in 2008 and her hobby developed into a profession. Since that time everything in life looks different for her, everything in life has a language and a soul, and through her lens she tries to translate the language of soul. Asmaa believes that Art is...the source of faith, thinking, loving and peace among human beings. And without it she believes that we won’t able to find our inner peace.
September 9, 2011 - February 12, 2012
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