The Deep Blue Sea / Valerie Lueth / Paul Roden / Tugboat Printshop

Valerie Lueth and Paul Roden (as Tugboat Printshop), The Deep Blue Sea, 2010 



series of 22 color woodblock prints: individually titled, dimensions variable

The Deep Blue Sea series are oceanic icons in a playful visual narrative exploring a challenging, unfamiliar space. Abundant curiosities are revealed by the innovative spirit probing and chronicling the vast mysterious liquid. The sea provides an appropriate allusion to the tenor of modern times--uncertainty, discovery, a new beginning. These images provide visual pleasure, while also inspiring new ways of thinking about the world in which they exist. The other prints displayed here, America the Beautiful and Bonfire, were made for the Manifest series of political art shows. America reflects the positive, pioneering energy after the election of 2008. Bonfire imagines the common roots of mankind.
About the Artist
Tugboat Printshop is the collaborative efforts of Valerie Lueth and Paul Roden. Through collaboration, we feel that we have been able to simplify and streamline our message, taking the best of our respective abilities and applying them to the conception and manufacture of quality images in print. We take art directly to people--reaching new audiences through travel, online interactivity, and direct conversation. Tugboat Printshop’s print cart is the latest manifestation of this objective.
May 8 - June 20, 2010
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