Mind Area “Sound of The Sound” / Mostafa Sleem

Mostafa Sleem, Mind Area "Sound of the Sound", 2011 



cardboard boxes and video

Artist Statement
I prepared the video of “Sound of Sound” in Egypt to say that Humanity is like a raw material, like the colors, the sound and the inside space. You are looking for nothing. You are looking for you. Every movement, every sound and every scene is a part of you- in reality- if there is a reality in that life.

The video depicts what happened with us, all of us in that workshop.

When you grow your sprit up and go through the others, then go deep inside your emotions, and you own culture and dreams... that you looking for.

Humanity is a raw material like the colors and sound and the inside space. This is what makes you the challenger of yourself. If you are not be able to do something except staring at everything--come over the meditation to the real doing, express your self and know new things about yourself for the first time.

You, looking for nothing--what you are looking for is in you.

You do every thing while you move. You, looking in the truer, in the whole world around you, and discover that you have it in you and you have no idea about that.

Every movement, every sound, and every scene is a part of you -in reality- if there is reality in this life.

Now... After a year from that, Tavia and me devolved the idea:

A human being makes a box. Everyone looks to get inside and use the same box. We depend on that old box to measure the world around us. We need to make a new box. One that is open.
About the Artist
Mostafa Sleem studied in Faculty of Fine Arts, Minia University in Egypt, from 1998 until he graduated in May 2003, studying art. Mostafa participated in the Youth Salon, and the National Gallery Art at the Egyptian Opera House. He has published 30 booklets teaching children the art of drawing in the period between 2006 and 2008, to simplify the concepts of art and painting for children. He created illustrations for more than 100 children’s booklets, as well designed the book covers of renown Arabic writers such as Sonalla Abrahim and Ibrahim Abdel Qader El Mazni.
September 9, 2011 - February 12, 2012
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