Nonsense / Noha Redwan

Noha Redwan, Nonsense, 2011



video, television monitor and wood

Artist Statement
The colorless yellow flowers sleep furiously...
The individual words make sense and are arranged according to proper grammatical rules, yet the result is nonsense! Such as many things in our life (especially with these increasing amounts of social media)...look awesome together, make you feel like you are about to hear or see something important, but if you concentrate a little bit before submitting to the flood, the NONSENSE will punch you right in the face!
Our project simply comes as a wake-up call; let’s think before getting involved, because it’s such a crisis if the nonsense does make sense!
About the Artist
Noha Redwan is a designer, visual and video artist with a degree from the Decoration Department of Helwan University. She is based in Cairo where she has participated in many exhibits in both Cairo and Alexandria including Cordoba Gallery, Gothe Institute, Darb 1718 and El-Sawy Culture Wheel. Noha was nominated by the German Academic Exchange Service to be one of the Arab guests to represent Egypt in the Exchange Project’s conference in Berlin in 2008. Her work was chosen for Adobe-TIG, YOUTH VOICES in 2008 to be shown in Quebec City, Canada and Noha was recently chosen to exhibit her work at the first biannual short-film festival entitled Women’s Voices from the Muslim World, LA 2011.
September 9, 2011 - February 12, 2012
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