Tahrir2 / Emily Laychak

Emily Laychak, Tahrir2, 2011



printed photos, sound, mixed media and public phone audio installation

Artist Statement
My vision as a Firefly artist is to build tunnels within the Pittsburgh community and from that community to the rest of world. I am concerned with the lack of progressive participation from the greater Pittsburgh community in world and local issues when this year especially has seen interconnected events in world history from the unrest and struggle of humanity and nature. Tahrir 2 exhibits this sentiment with a letter from Noha Redwan to the world the day after the U.S. captured/killed Osama Bin Laden; sounds from Tahrir Square; collaborative sound with Azmaa Ezzat , Hend Sameer, and Walied Kamel; and an interview with political cartoonist Gary Huck during the workers’ demonstration in Wisconsin.
About the Artist
Emily Laychak is a mixed media artist, writer, and music maker who has organized happenings and created installations using origami, salvaged materials, graffiti, print and poetry as a form of peaceful political action. Emily views art as a universal language that transcends ages, borders, and time. Her whimsical aesthetic stems from her love of modern movements such as Dada and Surrealism, and she is directly inspired by her extensive work with children. As an educator and childcare worker, Emily has access to a youthful perspective on issues of injustice and intolerance. She uses these experiences to create art about a variety of topics, including the occupations of Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan, nuclear disarmament, creating sustainable lifestyles, and fighting for gender justice.
September 9, 2011 - February 12, 2012
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