The Monument / Than Htay Maung

Than Htay Maung, The Monument, 2009



newspapers and glue

Artist Statement
I have tried to create an installation by using old newspaper. First, I collected old and various newspapers and made dice forms. I needed to put air into the pieces of the newspapers to get the dice form newspaper balloon. After installing many newspaper dices, I will create a monument made of newspaper. I felt that I could reduce my terrible feeling with what is going on in the world, while I create dice pieces of newspaper. After creating many dice paper balloons, I have created a monument, my feeling is getting happiness. As I love newspapers and the information they communicate, I want to honor by the process of sharing the truth by creating an art work with various, colorful, useful old news paper for the great section of news paper and I want to honor the reporters who died while they were trying to get good news and who are in prison for their works.
About the Artist
Than Htay Maung was born in 1958 in Pathien, Burma. He lives in Pittsburgh with his wife Khet Mar, City of Asylum/Pittsburgh's writer-in-residence. His installation work, created out of found materials, is politically charged commentary on news and its veracity and dissemination to the public. Whether making an installation about satellite news distribution in Burma or sending SOS bottles filled with commentary down the Irrawaddy River, Than Htay Maung’s work always asks the viewer to question what he or she believes to be the truth.
May 9 - June 21, 2009
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