Late Anthropocene: 3 Continents / Hot Spots: What Comes After Oil?

Hot Spots: What comes after Oil?, Late Anthropocene: 3 Continents, 2011



salvaged automotive exhaust systems, canvas, paint, wood, metal studs and tracking, video captured in Pittsburgh, Nurnberg (Germany), and Dubai

Artist Statement
Hot Spots: What Comes After Oil? is an international collaboration exploring the paradigm shift required to envision life- enhancing economies and wise use of our natural resources. Within the frame of a ‘natural’ history diorama, we compose a question forged from the remains of our carbondependent world. Traces of a yellow brick road lead to an abandoned landscape captured in Pittsburgh; Nuremberg, Germany; and Dubai. Visitors are invited to consider this historical moment where past and future converge and the possibility to change course exists.
March 25 - August 7, 2011
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