Love House / Patty Martori

Patty Martori, Love House, 1991



drywall, wood, color photocopies, pillows

A drywall house looks like a child's playhouse, as simple as a Monopoly house. Normally the doors are closed, and a first view inside may be possible through the top half of a Dutch door. The inside of the little house is crammed with images, papered over every surface.

The walls of the interior include a series of shots from "Popular Mechanics," as Dad shows Son how to build something. They also include photos of a woman smothering a man while talking on the telephone and photos of a murder in a bathtub.

Billowy white pillows look cloud-like, but they are stuffed over the windows, as they echo the pictures of suffocation.
Artist Statement
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About the Artist
Patty Martori was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1956. She currently lives and works in New York.
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