Barbara Ess

American, b. 1948
Barbara Ess is a photographer who is know for her use of the proto-photographic technology of pinhole cameras "to make work that persuasively comments on the embodied construction of visual experience, its distortions and various frailties, integrating those elements into the conceptual effect of her photography. Although her pictures are indeed dream-like in nature, they have at the same time an underlying rigour." The critic Carlo McCormick has written that her work "draws our attention to the intense primal emotions and experiences that exist like brittle moments of truth even within the world of simulation." She has exhibited her work at the High Museum of Art, Atlanta; Curt Marcus Gallery, New York; Faggionato Fine Arts, London; and Fundacion la Caixa, Barcelona, and at galleries in Madrid, Los Angeles, Paris, Antwerp, Cologne, and Washington. 
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