Karin Bergdolt

German, b. 1968
Karin Bergdolt finished her studies with a master diploma at the Academy of Arts in Munich in the class of Nikolaus Gerhart. Since presenting her three-week performance and installation, “I CHOOSE THE PLACE OF WORK MYSELF” at the former frontier building in Germany-Austria in 1998, her work has addressed the use and organization of (public) space. In 2002, she established the initiative P.L.A.N. – a concept that is intended to work for the intellectual and sensorial reorganization of places and space, and which functions in an interdisciplinary and participatory way. Karin resided in Pittsburgh with her family for six months supported by an artists’ grant through the Bavarian government. Prior to her visit and while she was in Pittsburgh, she formulated “Hot Spots: What Comes After Oil?” with Ann Rosenthal and Elizabeth Monoian. Her Hot Spots highly successful installation in a former gas station in Nurnberg last summer featured a month of public programs, including lectures and workshops for all ages. She recently received a one-year-stipend for the promotion of equal opportunity of women’s rights in university and career. Over the last five years, Ms. Bergdolt has had five solo shows throughout Germany, and numerous group shows, including in Pittsburgh at Fe Gallery, ArtUp, and the Three Rivers Arts Festival.
March 25 - August 7, 2011
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