MF Exhibitions

Greer Lankton curator Margery King

October 19, 1996 - June 29, 1997
The visitor enters the installation through a gate, which opens onto a narrow alley behind a "white trash" house. The house is covered with white siding and is outfitted with old windows and an Astro Turf patio littered with fall leaves. Rubby slippers, at the end of legs in striped stockings, emerge from unerneath the house.

Inside is a recreation of the Chicago apartment in which Greer Lankton lived and worked. The walls are painted deep colors, and stars cover the ceiling. The room is inhabited by dolls and figures Lankton made during the course of her life. Anorexic Raggedy Anns appear next to a bedridden morphine addict doll, over which a multitude of pill bottles are strewn. Throughout the room are very personal shrines Lankton created to Patti Smith, Candy Darling, and Jesus. Other shrines honor the artist herself. 

Much of Lankton's work is clearly autobiographical, revealing her obsession with her own body. Body male, she became female at the age of 21. She died in November 1996, shortly after It's all about ME, Not You opened to the public.
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