MF Exhibitions

Paul Glabicki

Throughout the room, the artist makes connections between geometric drawings within the gallery and the environment outside the gallery. A white cone shape sits at the center of the floor and references a Victorian roof outside. Around the cone, a circle of large circumference has been drawn. Geometic shapes have also been drawn on the room's walls and ceiling. One window in the room is frosted, but tiny openings are outlined to reveal a view of the PPG Tower in downtown Pittsburgh.

For the geometric drawings within the space, the artist uses text written by the acting theorist Stanislavski. The source of this material is Stanislavski's "System" trilogy, which discusses acting technique and focuses on the subjects of observation, objective examnination, personal perception, memory, and response.

The circle around the cone reads: "The Circle: I found myself in the center of the medium light circle. In such a small space as in this circle, you can use your concentrated attention to examine various objects in their most intricate details, and also to carry on more complicated activities such as defining shades of feeling and thought."

The text fragments on the frosted windows relate to the shapes and diagrams in the room: "This That." "That was just it . . ." "First." "One 2." "Here." "Over there." "In here." "With this."
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