Africa Magazine / Amado Al Fadni

Amado Al Fadni, Africa Magazine, 2011



monoprints digitally produced

Artist Statement
Western media has played a role in creating a certain image of Africa, which has affected the way Africans see themselves. Africa and the West both believe in an African continent that is exotic, poor, and violent. In this work of art I try to use the same media to present a different Africa, a what-if first-world confident Africa. This explores the part of the media in what we believe about ourselves and what others believe about us, and how those beliefs can empower or dis-empower entire continents.
About the Artist
Amado Al Fadni is an Egyptian-born Sudanese artist. His childhood was composed of two environments: the Cairene street and the Sudanese home. The relationship, and sometimes tension, between the two strongly influenced his view of both cultures. In his own work, he draws on the character of the city for inspiration. He uses motifs and textures found in junk markets, antique shops, modern advertising, and ancient monuments. His images are rooted in place but not in time, often incorporating ancient, historical, and modern elements at once.
September 9, 2011 - February 12, 2012
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