Drama for Strings in Three Movements: Light, Sound, Gesture / Hanne Tierney

Hanne Tierney, Drama for Strings in Three Movements: Light, Sound, Gesture, 1987 




In the first movement of the abstract drama, the artist illuminated materials which she moved about on almost unseen strings. Long conduit pipes created sound in the second movement. In the third movement, rubber tubing and two disembodied hands took on strangely human qualities under her controlled manipulation. Throughout, she spoke in different voices for her characters.
Artist Statement
Drama for Strings is a theatrical work on the process of theater, and on the dramatic potential of sculpture with the dimension Time added to it.

Each of the three movements, light, sound and gesture, concentrates on an element of the theater, on the part each element plays to evoke a knowledge of drama in the spectator, and on the tension created by the relationship of these elements to each other.
About the Artist
Hanne Tierney is currently the Artistic Director for FiveMyles, a performance and exhibition space in Brooklyn, NY.
February 13 - 14, 1987
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