Apparition of Our Lady of Peace, Jacksonia Street, Pittsburgh / Stephanie Flom + Peter Oresick

Stephanie Flom & Peter Oresick, Apparition of Our Lady of Peace, Jacksonia Street, Pittsburgh, 2009



birch plywood, acrylics, pencil, novena jars and olive branches

Peter grew up in the Eastern Catholic tradition surrounded by Byzantine icons believed to be windows into the Divine. Raised in the Jewish tradition where such images are forbidden, Stephanie looks for the Divine (and the Divine Feminine) in the everyday. Sightings of the Mother of God—in peeling paint, wall cracks, water-stained sink basins, and grains of wood around the world—are of interest to both of us. Such images require the active engagement of the viewer and testify to a yearning for the mystical experience. The Apparition is announced by archangels Michael and Gabriel, who, in the grammar of iconography, often appear in triptych flanking a central, higher figure. The open palms of the angels are gestures of humility that honor her presence. The novena candle jars, originally used in St. Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic Church, are filled with olive branches as her offering of peace.
May 9 - June 21, 2009
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