[11° x 7° x 38°] / Matt Huber

Matt Huber, [11° x 7° x 38°], 2012



48” web and fishing line

Puttied-over and drywalled-in, countless writhing narratives give way to porcelain sterility, a temporary tabula rasa tenuously projected on the opportunistic and irreverent lacerations of inexorable alterations. The contemporary art gallery is a unique brand of erasure, a simulated neutral schema. Yet 1414 Monterey resists. This piece seeks to ride the uneasy discord unraveling from the infinitely folded white surface of the gallery interior as it simultaneously inhabits the thinly-partitioned ubiquitous modern grid and the solid, calcified interior of a once domestic building. It challenges the distinction between poche and surface, and resonates in the anxiety of adjacency.
About the Artist
Matt Huber received his Bachelor of Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University, School of Architecture. He was also a visiting student at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland. He works as a designer and architectural intern at Bohlin Cywinski Jackson.
March 30 - November 30, 2012
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