Junko Wada

Japanese, b. 1955
After studying painting at Musashino Art University in Tokyo Junko Wada was working on large scale abstract painting. The physical aspect of the work lead her to her very personal dance style. The source of painting and dance are the same and the body became an equivalent abstract sculpture in space. As she uses the brush for her paintings, she paints with her body on stage and the dance becomes a three-dimensional painting in space. Both – painting and dance – are abstract and have a faint relation to traditional Japanese art. Since 1985 she collaborated mainly with the sound artists Akio Suzuki, Rolf Julius, Hans Peter Kuhn and others. She has performed in many museums, galleries and public sites worldwide, including Centre Pompidou, Paris; Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin; Asian Art Museum, SanFrancisco; Museo de Arte de Sao Paulo; and Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.
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