Exhibition Events/ Receptions

Opening of Patte Loper's "Laboratory for Other Worlds"

Thursday, May 23, 2019
Free and open to the public
Mattress Factory @ 1414 Monterey Street

Be one of the first to see the Mattress Factory's newest installation - Patte Loper's "Laboratory for Other Worlds." Loper is one of eight artists selected to create new works for the upcoming Factory Installed 2019 exhibition, which will open in its entirety in September.
Loper’s work utilizes painting, drawing, video, installation and performance. Her new piece at the Mattress Factory inhabits the entire first floor of the Monterey Annex and takes the form of a science fiction film set inspired by broader ideas about social and environmental justice.
The immersive installation intertwines hand-built structures and sculptures made from humble materials with painting, video, and sound powered in part by solar panel technology. The installation is intuitive and psychological with a muted palette standing in contrast to the imaginative forms, lively scenarios, and shifting scales at play. The format of a lab allows for the possibility of failure as well as for many things to be happening at once. Viewers will be invited to find their own connections between conceptual themes and visual elements.
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