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The artists in our residency literally live and breathe in the spaces they transform into groundbreaking works of art.

Current Artists


A street view into Jennifer Angus’ installation reveals the ethereal figures of insects adrift in jars of radiant, floral-tinted solutions. Like stained glass windows that filter out harshness, they infuse the room and all ...

Shikeith is a Pittsburgh-based, conceptual artist working in installation, sculpture, photography, and film. In Feeling The Spirit In The Dark, Shikeith brings together four surreal, uncanny installations that explore the psychological impact ...

Hall’s installation is in two parts. The primary piece is “You’re Not the Boss of Me,” a harpsichord suspended in bondage rope in the gallery, with soundtrack from the instrument. There’s ...

A Second Home” transforms the Mattress Factory row house at 516 Sampsonia Way into a mysterious wonderland that cleaves, intermingles, and collages a house’s physical and metaphysical counterparts. Saturated with construction materials, furnishings, toys, ...

An elegiacally visceral response to the COVID-19 pandemic in three acts — converging Pittsburgh’s Slavic immigrant labor history and 13th century plague informants. Tenants of Russian Cosmism and transcendence are evoked through Jesse Gelaznik’...

Developed during COVID-19 lockdowns, Open Square reflects on the habitat that defines everyday experience. Light and dark. Cold and warm. The cyclical flow of the installation is a contemplation of the physical ...

In 2008, Songco established the Society of 23 as a non-linear narrative documenting a secret brotherhood of 23 mysterious men — all portrayed by the artist himself. Within this safe space filled with recognition awards and leisurely activities, ...

Justaposing old and new materials and technologies, Chutiwongpeti blends personal and historical narratives to explore doubts and questions about what happens when life ends. Does time fade for us? Is it beyond the invisible?

Mutant combination of political leaders are transformed by the power given to them by their citizens. Are they superheroes, supervillains or both? Tati explores how political ideologies find their way to the minds of ...

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