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Jeffrey Augustine Songco
Jennifer Angus
Meir Tati
Sarawut Chutiwongpeti

Residency 2021 Announced

The artists in our residency literally live and breath in the spaces they transform into groundbreaking works of art.

Current Artists


The Museum of Everything
Feeling the Spirit in the Dark
Night Blooms
You’re Not the Boss of Me / About Place
All is Not Forgotten
The Other Apartment
A Second Home

A street view into Jennifer Angus’ installation reveals the ethereal figures of insects adrift in jars of radiant, floral-tinted solutions. Like stained glass windows that filter out harshness, they infuse the room and all ...

Shikeith is a Pittsburgh-based, conceptual artist working in installation, sculpture, photography, and film. In Feeling the Spirit in the Dark, Shikeith brings together four surreal, uncanny installations that explore the psychological impact of light, ...

Night Blooms engages spectacle at the crossroads of waste culture and the surveillance state. Orphaned objects form the material basis of Bouscaren’s work. His site-responsive process begins with salvaging local materials ...

Hall’s installation is in two parts. The primary piece is “You’re Not the Boss of Me,” a harpsichord suspended in bondage rope in the gallery, with soundtrack from the instrument. There’s ...

In this body of work, Mar absorbs, and ultimately scatters back to his viewer, the layered and disparate historical references which pollinate his career. He cites the history of art and Indigenous artistic practices; ...

All is Not Forgotten uses an old house façade that was carefully dismantled and then rebuilt in the artist’s studio. The house façade is erected at a 25 degree angle ...

The Other Apartment is a collaborative project between Pittsburgh-based artist Jon Rubin and Tehran-based artist Sohrab Kashani that occurs in two sites simultaneously. The work features a dual site-specific space: Kashani’s ...

A Second Home” transforms the Mattress Factory row house at 516 Sampsonia Way into a mysterious wonderland that cleaves, intermingles, and collages a house’s physical and metaphysical counterparts. Saturated with construction materials, furnishings, toys, ...

Jennifer Angus


Nathan Hall

Patrick Robideau

Sohrab Kashani and Jon Rubin

Pepe Mar

Tra Bouscaren

Dennis Maher