Black Lives Matter



The Mattress Factory stands in solidarity with the Black community, of Pittsburgh and nationally, and all those who fight for justice.


Statements of solidarity like this are necessary. To be silent is to be complicit.


But statements are not enough. As a museum, we realize that cultural institutions profit and grow their profiles from the work of Black artists and creatives. And as an educational and community institution, we cannot celebrate Black history but fail to acknowledge today’s struggles and the need for immediate action.


As a small step now, our support must transcend words alone. For the month of June, the Mattress Factory will donate 100% of its proceeds for all membership sales (new, upgrades and renewals) to Black artists and organizations that support them.


Each week, we will support a different artist or organization. This week (June 19-25 ), all proceeds will support BOOM Concepts, a creative hub based in Pittsburgh dedicated to the advancement of POC and LGBTQIA creative entrepreneurs.


Join us, for action now. Black Lives Matter.


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