The Mattress Factory is committed to enabling inclusive and interactive experiences for all visitors.


We encourage all visitors to use the main entrance off of the parking lot at 505 Jacksonia Street, which is wheelchair accessible. The Jacksonia Street entrance, via the parking lot, has access to a ramp. You can utilize either a long snaking ramp, or there are several stairs near the museum entrance sign. Both will lead you past the Garden Installation by Winifred Lutz on the left and several glass doors on your right as you move toward the entrance through a glass vestibule. When you enter the building, turn right to check in at the Admissions Desk where they can give you further directions.


A secondary entrance to the museum is found at 500 Sampsonia Way. This is a small, one-way alley street without sidewalks and the entrance is between Sherman Avenue and Monterey Street. This entrance has several stairs before the entrance.



Access: If you call an Access vehicle to drop you off at the Mattress Factory, please tell them the address at 505 Jacksonia Street. The vehicle will pull into a parking lot, there are stairs and also a ramp to the main entrance. This is also where you should wait if an Access vehicle is picking you up. If you do not wish to wait outside, alert the Admissions Desk that you are waiting for a vehicle and they can help let you know when your vehicle has arrived.


Port Authority Buses 8 + 11 : Get on at Penn Avenue, eastbound between 7th and 9th streets. Take to the North Side and get off on Federal Street and Pernod Street. Walk 1/2 block further on Federal Street to Sampsonia Way; take a left on Sampsonia Way and walk to museum (this entrance requires going up several stairs, if you need a wheelchair accessible entrance make a right on Sherman Avenue or Monterey Street to Jacksonia Street and enter via 505 Jacksonia Street).


Port Authority Bus 16 : Get on at 7th street southbound just before Penn Avenue. Take to North Side and get off at Brighton Road and N. Taylor Avenue. Walk 1 block further on Brighton and take a right on Sampsonia Way; walk down Sampsonia to museum.(this entrance requires going up several stairs, if you need a wheelchair accessible entrance make a left on Monterey Street to Jacksonia Street and enter via 505 Jacksonia Street).


Please note that bus routes and schedules are constantly changing. For the most up to date information or for a route directly from your home please contact the Port Authority or by calling Customer Service at 412.442.2000.


More About the Mattress Factory & Gallery Buildings

The main gallery building is located at 500 Sampsonia Way. It is a large 6-story brick warehouse – with an attached Administrative Office Building and enclosed stair tower. All galleries at 500 Sampsonia Way, where the museum’s permanent collection is housed, are fully wheelchair accessible. A limited number of wheelchairs are also available at the museum’s front desk free of charge.

The museum campus also includes two additional buildings located at 516 Sampsonia Way and 1414 Monterey Street that have been repurposed for use as galleries. Because of the age of these structures, these two galleries are not fully accessible at this time. The gallery at 516 Sampsonia Way has a ramped entrance and is partially accessible on the first floor. The gallery at 1414 Monterey Street does not have a ramped entrance, however the first floor of the gallery is accessible.


Tours + Guides

If requested in advance, tours can be arranged for hearing and visually impaired visitors. Large print visitor guides are available at the Admissions Desk. Braille guides are available at each building and may be checked out to use while on the museum campus.


More Information

For questions regarding accessibility, contact Laurie Barnes, Accessibility Coordinator, at