Family Visits

The Mattress Factory welcomes families with children of all ages to explore and enjoy museum installations. The Mattress Factory is a different kind of museum, so we provide resources to help support your visit and point out some of the many learning opportunities during your time at the museum. It is the museum's goal for your family to have a fun, exploratory experience with art.


Here are a few tips to keep in mind when planning your Family Visit:


1. The Mattress Factory has room-sized installations of art made by artists. The museum doesn't have guards and some of the artwork is delicate – so we ask that you treat it like you want someone to treat the artwork you might make at your home or school. We don’t recommend jiggling, jumping on, or jostling the artwork.


2. Ask the Admissions Desk for your very own copy of the Family Guide and Parent Guide. These tools can help you to find out more about the artwork you see at the museum.


3. DO look around the corner – there is art everywhere. Ask the Admissions Desk about what is or what may not be appropriate for your children. We don’t want you to miss anything.


4. There is NO RIGHT ANSWER. Think about what you see and what you feel. Have a conversation about it.


5. There is a lot to see at the Mattress Factory, so it is okay if you don’t see it all in one day – just come back and visit again! We recommend checking the MF Calendar to find out about upcoming ARTLabs or Community Days to supplement your visit with interactive projects.


E-mail for more information.


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