Filming + Photography
Filming + Photography Policies

All non-recreational photography/filming must be approved in advance by the Operations Manager. Submit an application at least one week in advance of the desired shoot date. No shoots will be scheduled until your application is approved and all applicable fees paid.


Students completing school projects and members of the press interested in filming or photographing museum spaces or events should make arrangements in advance. Please submit your request here.


The following rules apply to all photography at the Mattress Factory:

  • Flow of visitors must not be blocked at any time.

  • Flash is not permitted.

  • Furniture, displays and artwork may not be moved without permission by accompanying staff.

  • Do not photograph any areas with posted “No Photography” signs.

  • Climbing, sitting, standing or walking on walls, artwork or structures is strictly forbidden.

If you do not comply with these guidelines, the Mattress Factory reserves the right to deny further permission to photograph in the Museum and to request that you leave the premises.


Recreational Photography

Recreational photography is permitted and encouraged in all spaces of the Mattress Factory, unless otherwise noted, free of charge and without an appointment. The images and footage captured are used solely for personal enjoyment. Use the #MattressFactory hashtag to share images from your visit on your personal social media accounts! The museum occasionally features tagged posts.


Commercial Photography

Commercial photography requires written permission of the Operations Manager and is by appointment only. Approval is dependent upon each request’s alignment with the Mattress Factory mission. The Mattress Factory reserves the right to approve final content for anything in which the Mattress Factory or its properties will appear, either by name or by visual representation. Upon approval of request, fee and scheduling will be determined.


Professional Photography

Professional photography is defined as any photography for which income is derived. Professional photography may be conducted in designated areas by appointment only. During museum hours, the fee for professional photography is $50/hour and must be submitted prior to the photo session. The fee for after hours photography is $150/hour. The Mattress Factory considers portraiture of any kind to be professional photography, even if income is not derived.


Say Cheese!

The Museum may photograph or videotape visitors for educational and promotional purposes. Attendance on museum property is implied consent for the use of visitors’ likeness for marketing purposes.

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