Institutional Giving


Institutional Giving

The Mattress Factory museum of contemporary art presents exhibitions, programs and resources that connect audiences with the artists of our time and the issues they address. Since its founding in 1977, the Mattress Factory has connected its community with over 750 artists. Its dedication to developing new ways to engage the public with contemporary art has led to national and international recognition. 


By inviting artists to live and work within an urban community, the Mattress Factory is able to expose visitors and artists, alike, to varying religious, political, ethnic and socio-economic viewpoints through art. The central focus on creativity then becomes the catalyst to see the world around you in a new way, with deeper understanding and perhaps even with a different outlook.


As the Mattress Factory celebrates its 40th anniversary, visitorship has climbed to over 92,000 people annually. The Education Department embraces radical inclusivity and offers programs to learners of all ages and backgrounds—in part by specifically targeting disadvantaged and underserved audiences, and by pursuing innovative and inclusive practices that make the museum a welcoming destination for people with disabilities. The Mattress Factory Education Department touches over 20,000 lives each year.


The Mattress Factory makes important contributions to community redevelopment, economic growth and the vitality of the Pittsburgh region. Spending by the museum, its employees and visitors results in upwards of $4,900,000 in economic output for other Allegheny County businesses, such as restaurants & hotels.


Year-round opporunities for partnership with corporations, foundations and government are available, including involvement in the Mattress Factory's artistic, exhibition and education programs.


For more information about corporate, foundation and government relations please contact Caitlin Harpster, Director of Development, or call 412.231.3169.