Artist Dinner Party: Chapter One with Lydia Rosenberg and Jared Miller


Thursday, July 13, 2023
sliding scale - $45, $75, $100
Main Building Lobby and Garden

Event Summary

This event is now sold out.

Please email Mattie Cannon, with any questions and/or dietary requests.

Join us for a dinner designed to delve into art with exhibiting artist Lydia Rosenberg and her partner and chef, Jared Miller. 

The Artist Dinner Party series is a chance to participate in an evening of art, community and food. For each dinner party, an exhibiting artist and a local chef will work together to envision engagements and a dinner menu that encourages revelry in the artistic vision. Throughout the evening, participants will hear from the artist and chef to better understand the culinary and artistic choices presented. Guests will gain deeper insight into the artist’s creative practice by taking part in the meal. The series presents a memorable opportunity to expand our engagement outside the exhibition space, facilitate creative exchange and indulge the senses beyond what the galleries may ask of us. 

For the inaugural dinner party, artist Lydia Rosenberg and spouse/chef Jared Miller present, Chapter One, a thematic meal inspired by her exhibition, Do this while I wait. In this dinner, Rosenberg and Miller collaborate to bring together the 4 iterations of Rosenberg’s ongoing project of writing a novel-as-sculpture. Each course will play off of key concepts and forms in Rosenberg’s recent and upcoming exhibitions that explore the relationship between language and object. The dinner is another expression of Rosenberg’s interest in translating a form or idea from one medium to another.

Parking: Main Building Parking Lot (505 Jacksonia St. Pittsburgh, PA 15212)


Jared Miller is a chef originally from Pittsburgh. Over two decades of experience in the culinary industry has led him to bring together his interest in food and culture as a way to explore the developing relationships of cuisine and resources. Miller was the chef-collaborator for Anytime Dept., an artist-run project based in Cincinnati, OH that paired artists and exhibitions with thematically programmed dinner parties, forming a community around creative expression and culinary curiosity.  

Lydia Rosenberg is an artist currently based in Pittsburgh. Her work, primarily in sculpture, is concerned with the impact of language on our perception of physical things.  Her project of writing a novel as a way to make a sculpture began in 2018 and is ongoing.  Recent solo exhibitions include The complete subject at Napoleon, Philadelphia for which she made several hundred sculptures in the shape of lemons based on written descriptions of the fruit found in paintings, and Spaghetti Restaurant at BasketShop Gallery, Cincinnati, which transformed the gallery into a pop-up, cost-free spaghetti-restaurant-as-sculpture. She is a co-founder of Anytime Dept. a now on pause artist-run exhibition project which was based in Cincinnati.