Factory 500 Excursion to Lawrenceville


All Ages
Saturday, August 26, 2023
Free admission, for Members Only
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Pittsburgh's Lawrenceville neighborhood

Event Summary

On Saturday, August 26 from 4-6:30 PM, join fellow Factory 500 members for an excursion to Lawrenceville! We will visit the historic Ice House Studios, which houses numerous artist studios in Lawrenceville. Within Ice House, we will visit Associated Artists of Pittsburgh and have the privilege of touring Wade Kramm’s exhibition titled “Fragments” with the artist; and meet with Executive Director Madeline Gent to discuss AAP’s history. Across the hall, we will visit the Aaronel DeRoy Gruber Foundation, which houses a remarkable collection and archive of the late artist’s work. Executive Director Brittany Reilly will give us an overview of the artist and the Foundation.

Our final stop will be a short, 10-minute walk to the studio of Isla Hansen, an upcoming 2024 Mattress Factory installing artist. Isla will present her work, and afterwards we’ll have the opportunity to mingle with drinks and light bites from Mediterra provided.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns at members@mattress.org, or by phone at 412-313-5410.

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Event Logistics

First Stop : Ice House 

Time: 4:00 – 5:15 PM Address: 100 43rd Street (Park at gravel lot at Willow and 42nd St)Parking: Parking is available for the entire event at Ice House Studios. You may park at the gravel lot at Willow & 42nd Street.

(10 minute walk to Isla’s Studio)

Second Stop: Isla Hansen’s Studio

Time: 5:30 – 6:30 PMAddress: 4800 Harrison Street (Entrance is on 48th Street). Parking: You can keep your car in the Ice House parking lot. However, if you would like to drive to Isla’s studio after Ice House rather than take the 10-minute walk, there will be street parking available in the blocks surrounding Isla’s studio.

The event will wrap up around 6:30 in case you wanted to get some Lawrenceville dinner reservations in! Accessibility: There is paved visitor parking, including handicap parking, in front of Ice House Studios at 100 43rd Street, and a wheelchair accessible ramp leading to the first floor. There is no access to the second floor via ramp or elevator, however we will only be on the second floor for a few minutes during our initial tour.

Artist and Organization Info:

Isla Hansen is an artist making systems and objects for play, performance, sculpture, interactive installation, animation, and video. Her work reenacts forms of popular media, play, and systems of production, recreating ways in which bodies connect to technologies in the world around us. Her work sets in motion new and sometimes crude means of image-making in order to break down or convolute processes of technological mediation. Isla often combines soft materials, digital fabrication techniques, real time media, and techniques from online DIY culture to draw a connection between cultures of making, play, and personal technologies. Isla lives and works in Pittsburgh, where she is an Assistant Professor at the School of Art at Carnegie Mellon University. Isla was selected as a Regional Open Call Artist and will be exhibiting at the Mattress Factory in February 2024.

Associated Artists of Pittsburgh is the oldest, continuously-exhibiting, visual arts organization in the country. Founded in 1910, AAP has spent over 100 years as a driving force in Pittsburgh’s dynamic cultural life. Its mission today, as then, is to provide a vital and challenging environment for artists to exhibit new work in the widest possible range of media. Their Annual Exhibition is held at visual arts institutions across the region, such as the Carnegie Museum of Art and The Westmoreland Museum of American Art. The only continuous annual juried show in the region, the AAP Annual has been host to many renowned artists including Mary Cassatt, Henry Osawa Tanner, Philip Pearlstein, Balcomb Green, Andy Warhol and Aaronel deRoy Gruber. The 109th Annual Exhibition will open August 2023 at the Miller ICA.

Wade Kramm’s recent works explore Minimalism, architecture and perception to reshape the viewer’s engagement with the gallery space. Using construction materials such as drywall, floor boards, molding, light switches, and doors, he fabricates alternative spaces, called Fragments, within the gallery.  Standing in front of each piece the phenomenological experience fluctuates between seeing the materials simply as materials and a perceptual/physical engagement with the new spaces made within the surrounding architecture.

The Irving and Aaronel deRoy Gruber Foundation was established in 2000 to support and promote the artwork of Aaronel deRoy Gruber (1918-2011) and to engage Pittsburgh-based and regional artists and initiatives connected to sculpture, photography, printmaking and painting. The Foundation’s Pittsburgh headquarters and curated gallery space is positioned to manifest this purpose through exhibitions, programming, research, and interactions with audiences locally, nationally and internationally.   The Foundation bolsters the imprint of a prominent female artist of the region and of her time, while perpetuating her commitment through its support of contemporary art-making and initiatives.

Ice House Studios offers affordable studio spaces for artists and makers. It is currently home to 30 artists and organizations. Originally built in 1907 by the Consolidated Ice Company, the Ice House operated as an ice making facility until the early 50s. The property was used only sporadically over the second half of the century and was a tremendous eyesore in the community with its boarded-up windows and generally run­ down condition. In 2001, the Lawrenceville Corporation renovated the space and reopened it to the artist community in Pittsburgh, maintaining a striking historic building with fascinating architecture.