Mirrors of the Mind Art Show


Friday, May 13, 2022
Free admission
Mattress Factory Museum Lobby

Event Summary

The Mattress Factory Teen Art Cooperative is hosting an art show revolving around themes of introspection and self-reflection. Mirrors of the Mind will feature artists in grades 8-12 living in the Pittsburgh area.

The opening for Mirrors of the Mind will take place on Friday, May 13 from 6-8 PM. This is a free event, but registration is required. Register here.

Show will be on display from May 13 to May 19 in the Mattress Factory’s Main Building Lobby.

Show curators:
Kate Myers, Ella Sokulski, Ivan Hamel, Adrian Woss, Ella Boehmer, Truly O’Neil, Genevieve Shade, Ava Smith, Lexi Rockwell, Kadence Boykin, Maja Williams, Bea Kopaz, Lauren Shutty, Ingrid Cozby and Caroline Berger

Exhibiting Artists:
Sofia Mancing, Anna Morowitz, Esme Warman, EJ Warman, Lukas Clement, Kendall Mauro, Amaura Louise, Emily Hook, Vivian Lipchak, Rory Brown, Sophia Musahl, Brayden Wisnieski, Jenna Eckenrod, Halle Archey, Sasha Forrest, Kieran Duffy, Amelia Vinson, Jake Motosicky, Alyssa Strosnider, Lex Berman, Jocelyn Dames, Henry Bard, Ray Sinclair, Katie Ames, Sienna Heasley, Ace Delfosse, Joey Berkman Davis, Zoey Harshbarger, Basil Wedig, Noa Shimshi, vi Haggerty, Anna Jamison, Rosabelle Dunlap, Rebekah Rapp, Alyssa Allport and Alexia Tsoukalas