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The Mattress Factory is an artist-centered museum, international residency program and renowned producer and presenter of installation art. We say “yes” to artists, offering time and space to dream and realize projects in our hometown, Pittsburgh, PA. We invite audiences from around the world and around the corner to step inside, immerse and connect with the artistic process.

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Tuesday, August 6th 2024

Teen Workshop: Solar Darkroom Photograms

create photograms in a solar darkroom built into an art exhibition

Teens ages 15-18 -- you are invited to a Solar Darkroom Workshop at Mattress Factory! 

Have you ever developed images in a darkroom? Are you curious about how sunlight is used to create images? Have you ever used a darkroom that is part of an art installation? Whether you are a beginner or have some familiarity with film production, this workshop is designed to inspire creativity and foster a deeper understanding of the art and science behind photograms – a technique sometimes called cameraless photography.

Engage in the magical process of using the power of sunlight to create one-of-a-kind prints. Experiment like an artist and learn about the darkroom process hands-on with an art educator in a small group. 

During the workshop, you will learn how to manipulate light and shadow to capture fascinating images. The darkroom is a feature of Luke Stettner’s exhibition, “State of the Sky”, which uniquely uses sunlight through a roof opening – instead of artificial light – to develop images. 



Tickets to the workshop are $10.

Pre-registration is required and the workshop admits a maximum of 10 high-school teens.


Note Beforehand

  • Not accessible by wheelchair; must climb 2 flights of stairs
  • Very dark space, light-tight (no using phones while in-session)
  • Minimal chemical smell protective glasses and gloves available
  • Workshop takes place at 516 Sampsonia. Ask a Visitor Experience Associate at the museum for directions to 516 Sampsonia if needed.
  • Prints dry for 30-minutes following the experience

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Date & Times

August 6th, 2024
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


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