Tori Union Coffee


All Ages
Sunday, September 18, 2022
Free with Museum admission
Mattress Factory café courtyard

Event Summary

Tori Tambellini and featured Pop-Aganda artist Liz Cohen have come together to celebrate and speak about labor and coffee. Tambellini encourages workers in the service industry to organize and has designed a signature espresso drink that will be served at the event called The Tori. The drink will be made on the espresso machine built into Liz Cohen’s artwork currently on view at the Mattress Factory, GAZ COFFEE Build #1. The Soviet era GAZ 69A serves espresso drinks in reference to a Cold War era trade deal between the Soviet and Colombian governments. The work centers the conversation around coffee and labor, and more specifically women in labor connected to coffee. The Tori will be a cold espresso drink: espresso, seltzer, and blueberry. Light snacks will be available as well.

The event will be held in the courtyard and cafe on Sunday, September 18th from 11 am- 1pm and is free with Museum admission. Book your timed-tickets here.

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