YAMM / Young Artist Maker Market


All Ages
Saturday, May 6, 2023
Free admission
Main Building Lobby and Garden

Event Summary

The Mattress Factory’s Teen Art Cooperative is hosting YAMM, the Young Artist Maker Market on Saturday, May 6th from 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM in the Mattress Factory Museum’s Lobby and Winifred Lutz Garden spaces. This event is free for all ages and will feature over 30 local teen makers who will be selling their artwork and handmade creations for a profit. The artists and makers will be selling a wide range of artwork, jewelry, crocheted items, pottery and much more. 

Our 15 Teen Art Co-op members have worked hard over the past semester to plan this market and bring together the teen art community of Pittsburgh. The Cooperative developed the application process, marketing materials, plan and budget for the event together. They also conducted outreach at local schools, talking with many art teachers to disseminate information about this opportunity to regional teens. The teens and the staff at Mattress Factory are excited to provide entrepreneurial support to emerging young artists of the region.

YAMM Event Coordinators: Lexi Rockwell, Adrian Wos, Truly O’Neill, Ava Smith, Ella Boehmer, Genevieve Shade, Caroline Berger, Bea Kopaz, Ella Sokulski, Maja Williams, Henry Bard, Eunchae Kim, Lachlan Hamel, Riley Relac, and Uneike Deveauxbray. 

Vendors: Amaura Louise, Ava Cerny, Tony Kreuzer, Ambrose McAndrew, Henry Bard & Nico Henry, Jazmine Robinson Williams, Rica Maioli, Seiya Iyobe, Alex Barrante and Riley Relac, Brynn Campbell, Echo Schaeffersmith, Kathy Vo, Madelyn Yaremcho, Sophia Musahl, Zia Shelly, Chloe Gorman, Jocelyn Hayes, Kate Myers, Marina Kontos, Zen Levin, Hannah Pretter, Nev Reich, Lida Wos, Mariah Harris, Nickolas Herring, Samantha Walter, Grace Barton, Mo Schwendeman, Bianka Guerra Naranjo, Clara Moir, and Basil Wedig.