Luftwerk Video Interview

We are pleased to present this video interview conducted by Museum educator Alice with Factory Installed 2021 featured artists Luftwerk.

In this interview, Luftwerk’s artistic duo of Petra Bachmaier and Sean Gallero share insights into their body of work and collaborative process. Their conversations are accompanied by images of past pieces as well as by views of their installation Open Square at the Mattress Factory. Discussions highlight early works in which they transposed their scientific curiosity about elemental forces into aesthetic expression in their art. Continuing dialogues reference their use of inventive media for poetic visualization and interpretation of nature’s ever-changing states to create immersive installations. Further developments encompassed their transient architectural interventions for iconic landmark sites that evoked fugitive feelings of space and presence.

They go on to talk about the basis of their current work that reflects the consideration of color under differing light conditions as it affects our perception, as a vessel of meaning in our collective visual language. They speak of their intention to have created here a spatially dynamic installation, enhanced by sonic texture, that also incorporates our ability to understand colors subjectively, as sensual qualities within the content of our own unique consciousness. Within this work, they expressed the hope that sights and sounds would merge organically, transporting visitors into their own interiors and associative memories. Additionally, they cite artists whose use of color, light, and space remain inspirational for them, including artists whose works are in the Mattress Factory’s permanent collection. They also contemplate the value of having had the experience of achieving their vision for their installations here, which has given them fresh ideas for their next projects.