Mod/Co Road Trip Ideas

The Mattress Factory acknowledges the positive impacts and the importance of creativity and exploration in everyday life. That is why at our Insider Membership Level, we offer Mod/Co benefits. Mod/Co is the Modern and Contemporary Reciprocal Membership Programgiving Insider members and above a chance to explore contemporary art beyond Pittsburgh for free.

There are over 10 contemporary art museums that are less than 5 hours from the Mattress Factory. Below, we have highlighted a few from each state. For more information click the Google map below to explore these drivable locations. To purchase a membership, check out our membership page.

ModCo map to click



  • Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, PA – 5hrs, 305 miles – The ICA’s mission is to inform and inspire guests with a kunsthalle of art from all over the globe.  


  • Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland, Cleveland, OH – 2hrs 20 mins, 128 miles – Do you love the changing seasons? If so, you need to visit Cleveland’s Museum of Contemporary Arts. This museum changes their exhibits 3 times a year to give a fresh experience to all visitors. A place you can visit many times and never get sick of.  


  • Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY – 3hrs 25 mins, 223 Miles – A collection of modern and contemporary that keeps evolving. This Art Gallery strives to enrich the lives of its guests by not only its art but also the performances and programs it offers.  


  • Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, MI – 4hrs 48 mins, 306 Miles – This museum provokes new ideas about art and creativity by its relevant pieces in art, architecture, and design.  


  • The Delaware Contemporary, Wilmington, DE – 5hrs, 300 Miles – An eye opening and dynamic experience for everyone in the family.  


  • The Phillips Collection, Washington, DC – 4hrs 40 mins, 241 miles – This institution is home to modern and contemporary, but there’s a twist! The Philips Collections is not only visually appealing but also experimental and hands-on. 


  • The Contemporary, Baltimore, MD – 4hrs 25 mins, 276 miles – As a non-collecting art museum, this institution strives to provide excellent experiences based on three principals: artists matter, collaboration is key, and the audience is everywhere.