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Andrea Peña
States of Transmutation
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Assume the Risk
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Shohei Katayama
As Below, So Above
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Doreen Chan
HalfDream: Another Room
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The Mattress Factory is an artist-centered museum, international residency program and renowned producer and presenter of installation art. We say “yes” to artists, offering time and space to dream and realize projects in our hometown, Pittsburgh, PA. We invite audiences from around the world and around the corner to step inside, immerse and connect with the artistic process.

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NARM Road Trip Ideas

As lovers of art and artists at the Mattress Factory, we embrace the desire to always seek out inspiration, culture and creativity. Beginning at our Household Plus membership level, we offer the North American Reciprocal Museum Program (NARM) benefit. This program provides members FREE access to over 1,200 cultural institutions in North America! As a member at the Household Plus level or above, your entire household receives access to HUNDREDS of art museums, historical museums, botanical gardens, children’s museums and zoos. The NARM program benefit provides the perfect weekend getaway.

For all of our Pittsburgh members, there are over 200 participating NARM institutions within a six-hour drive of the Mattress Factory. If you are looking for ideas for a fun day trip or weekend getaway, check out this Google map to explore the drivable locations that are free with a Household Plus membership. We also spotlighted a few of our favorite participating NARM institutions below! To purchase a Household Plus membership, visit our membership page or contact our Membership Department at 412-313-5410.

-The Rosenbach, Philadelphia, PA 5hrs, 306 miles - The Rosenbach creates exhibitions inspired by a collection of rare books, manuscripts, and fine and decorative arts objects from around the world.
-America On Wheels Museum, Allentown, PA 4hrs 40 mins, 287 miles - This museum is filled with historic educational information on all automobiles from the past and present.

-Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland OH 2hrs 22 mins, 148 miles - The Rock Hall contains information on all the rock & roll legends. Not only is this experience informational but it’s also hands-on in the garage section.
-American Sign Museum, Cincinnati, OH 4hrs 50 mins, 287 miles - Do you like lights, technology or design? Well, the American Sign Museum is the place for you! This museum contains over 100 years of American sign history.

-Battleship New Jersey, Camden, NJ 5hrs, 310 miles - Preserving the country's largest Battleship, this museum tells the history of not only the ship but also those who served on it.
-Chhange (Center for Holocaust, Human Rights & Genocide Education), Lincroft, NJ 5hrs 45 mins, 367 miles - Advocating for the elimination of genocide and all forms of discrimination, this intuition offers an eye-opening and educational experience diving deeper into the history of the Holocaust. Chhange has a mission to inspire people to become active citizens and stand up for what they believe in.

-American Civil War Museum, Richmond, VA 5hrs 50 mins, 340 miles - The American Civil War Museum preserves artifacts, manuscripts and images pertaining to the Civil War.
-Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, VA 5hrs 43 mins, 345 miles - This museum’s mission is to educate and enrich the lives of all in the community by fostering a home of artistic interpretation and encouragement.

-Heritage Farm Museum & Village, Huntington, WV 4hrs 20 mins, 280 miles - Want to travel back in time? Look no further. This village is composed of materials, structurers and artifacts that will take you into the lives of the Appalachia people.
-Greenbrier Historical Society Escape Room, Lewisburg, WV 4hrs 20 mins, 251 miles - This museum offers a diver's look at the history of Greenbrier Village. There are the museum portions and an all-age inclusive escape room.

-Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Fort Wayne, IN 5hrs, 320 miles - An all-American art museum featuring permanent and traveling collections from artists around the USA.
-Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis, IN 5hrs 43 miles, 361 miles - This museum will talk about Indiana’s history through unique exhibits and hands-on activities.

-National Museums of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC 4hrs 45 mins, 240 miles - A place solely dedicated to women in the arts. An eye-opening, empowering and amazing representation for female artists worldwide.
-The Philips Collection, Washington, DC 4 hours 44 mins, 241 miles - This institution is home to modern and contemporary arts, but there’s a twist! The Philips Collections is not only visually appealing but also experimental and hands-on.

-The Delaware Contemporary, Wilmington, DE 5hrs, 320 miles - This institution is comprised of art and social advocacy. The Delaware Contemporary is a place where art is used to discuss societal issues.
-Biggs Museum of American Art, Dover, DE 5hrs 30 mins, 331 miles - Promoting an appreciation for the fine arts of the 1700s from the mid-Atlantic region.

-Edgar Allan Poe House & Museum, Baltimore, MD 4hrs 5 mins, 251 miles - Explore inside the house where Poe wrote some of his most famous work. It’s a vibrant educational experience for everyone.
-Piney Point Lighthouse Museum & Historic Park, Piney Point, MD 6hrs, 323 miles - Accessible by land and boat - a tour of the historic Piney Point lighthouse is a great summer getaway.

-Graycliff Conservancy, Derby, NY 3hrs 12 mins, 198 miles - With passion and hard work, the land of Graycliff Conservancy has been restored to its 1931 condition. Take a walk through the beautiful landscapes and explore the buildings, gaining knowledge while in the presence of nature.
-Cornell Botanic Gardens, Forest Home, NY 5hrs 48 mins, 321 miles - There's no better way to spend your day but in nature! When visiting the Cornell Botanic Gardens, you’ll be surrounded by plants, water ways and occasionally birds.

-Air Zoo Aerospace & Science Museum, Portage, MI 5hrs 48 mins, 374 miles - On a family trip? Make sure to stop by Air Zoo Aerospace & Science Museum. It’s an engaging and educational experience for all.
-Ella Sharp Museum, Jackson, MI 5 hrs, 325 miles - Are you a lover of art, history or science? The Ella Sharp Museum is a one-stop shop for all three.

-Kentucky Gateway Museum Center, Maysville, KY 5hrs 20 mins, 302 miles - This museum’s goal is to open people's eyes to the great legacies and stories of the past.
-University of Kentucky Art Museum, Lexington, KY 5hrs 50 mins, 373 miles - Focusing on the engagement and interpretation of visual arts to enhance creativity and personal lives.

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