Past Exhibitions

“Taking good care of your things leads to taking good care of yourself”

Adam Milner
9.27.19 to 4.11.20
Sohrab Kashani & Jon Rubin, Tra Bouscaren, Naomi Draper, Nathan Hall, Patte Loper, Pepe Mar, Adam Milner and Patrick Robideau
7.12.19 to 7.21.19
Christina A. West
7.12.19 to 7.28.19
William Earl Kofmehl III
7.12.19 to 7.28.19
Patte Loper
7.09.19 to 7.09.20
A wheelbarrow filled with dirt is in the middle of a gallery space with red floors and red-pink lighting. A pair of headphones appears to be plugged into the wheelbarrow.
Curated by Tavia La Follette
5.25.18 to 7.29.18
Alex Hibbitt, Rhizome: Intrastructure, 2018 [porcelein sculpture suspended from ceiling]
Alex Hibbitt
2.02.18 to 6.17.18
Room with pink walls covered in flowers. A chair in the middle of the room faces a window with a reflection of the chair with a record player sitting on top of it.
David Pohl
10.06.17 to 4.08.18
Various 2D and 3D artworks fill a large white gallery.
Allan Wexler
10.06.17 to 7.15.18
A small room with large video displays on each wall.
David Pohl
10.06.17 to 4.08.18
Various 2D and 3D artworks by Greer Lankton are displayed in a purple gallery.
Greer Lankton
10.06.17 to 7.29.19
A parade of bright, life-sized sculptures in a large room with black and white patterns painted on the walls, floor, and ceiling. Upon closer inspection, the figures are missing heads.
Vanessa German
10.06.17 to 4.08.18
Two large paintings by David Ellis hang at the Mattress Factory
David Ellis
10.06.17 to 3.18.18
Rows of plants in raised beds fill a room. Reflective mylar covers the walls, and solar grow lights give the room a purple glow.
Meg Webster
10.06.17 to 7.15.18
Meg Webster Solar Grow Room Installation Art Mattress Factory Museum
Ellis, German, Lankton, Pohl, Webster, Wexler
Ezra Masch
9.06.17 to 6.03.18
Curated by John Carson
4.06.17 to 8.06.17
Bram, Masch, Meerdo, Musallam
9.20.16 to 8.06.17
Dennis Maher
8.12.16 to 8.12.20
Bowen, Clancy, Judge, Kalman
5.20.16 to 2.12.17
2.20.15 to 5.14.15
9.13.14 to 7.19.15
Chiharu Shiota
9.29.13 to 5.22.16
Janine Antoni
9.12.13 to 3.30.14
9.12.13 to 5.25.14