The Other Apartment


The Other Apartment

"The Silence" Opening Reception
Saturday, January 25, 1-3 PM
Free with admission


On Saturday, January 25, from 1-3 PM, the Mattress Factory will celebrate the opening of “The Silence,” the second exhibition inside The Other Apartment, an installation by Jon Rubin and Sohrab Kashani.

In December, a DIY cassette tape appeared on the bookshelf in the Pittsburgh version of The Other Apartment. Research revealed that the tape was secretly left by the Mexican band, Para Decir Adiosss. Rubin and Kashani decided to create an exhibition based entirely on this one cassette tape.


For the exhibition, Rubin and Kashani invited musicians in Pittsburgh and Tehran to perform cover versions of the songs on the cassette inside The Other Apartment. The filmed performances will be screened where they were shot – in the bedroom, office, bathroom and living room of the apartment. Cassette tapes of the cover songs will be available for purchase in both Pittsburgh and Tehran.


“With the constant conflict between our countries hanging over us, we, like many artists, question whether what we are doing is a bit pointless and absurd. Maybe we’re being naïve, but it seems like musicians never question what they should do when times get hard. They do what they always do – play music. And everyone knows that music makes equal sense in both good and bad times. So, we’re incredibly thankful to the Iranian and American musicians who agreed to come to the same place and play some music by a Mexican band,” said Jon Rubin and Sohrab Kashani.


About The Other Apartment

The Other Apartment is a collaborative project between Pittsburgh-based artist Jon Rubin and Tehran-based artist Sohrab Kashani that occurs in two sites simultaneously. The work features a dual site-specific space: Kashani’s apartment in Tehran, Iran, and an exact replica of that apartment and all of its contents—using a team of fabricators, handmade reproductions, and 3D printing—at the Mattress Factory Museum in Pittsburgh. For the past 11 years, Kashani has used his apartment as a space for exhibiting contemporary art and as an artist residency, one of the first of its kind in the country. When the two apartments are activated in the US and Iran, The Other Apartment will house concurrent art ventures, producing exhibitions, programs, and events—in each case, every object, video, and performance that happens in one space is meticulously duplicated for the other.


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