Celebration 1991

Yoji Matsumura
Three Japanese Artists: March 23 – June 30, 1991
bamboo, lacquer, sand, electric fans, found objects, sound

A Japanese gate frames and provides entrance to the space Like all parts of the bamboo structure it is painted with red lacquer Within...


A Japanese gate frames and provides entrance to the space. Like all parts of the bamboo structure, it is painted with red lacquer. Within the bamboo structure Matsumura collected junk, such as jars, metal parts, doorknobs and crushed fire extinguishers, placing them in a circular area of sand on the floor. Above, a windsock is moved by a fan. A bead hanging on one side of the windsock hits objects with a chime-life effect.

Artist Statement

My main idea developed from “doing sculpture” rather than “making sculpture.” I assembled all the natural and man-made elements within a Space and in Time. I could, in this way, put my own concept and expression into my art work by disgusting the unlimited power of our natures.  

The material I have chosen in my recent work is important because it has given me an opportunity to be aware of my living environment and its elements. I like to discover unique and innovative uses for the common materials that I find. The excitement of finding the alternative meanings for these materials and making use of them is the essence of my artwork. 

It is also important to me that the audience participates and experiences a new sensitivity beyond the five or six senses given to humans. My works are created to communicate my own anger, sadness, surprise, and joy and share this with others, not only visually, but through sensations of like experience. 

About the Artist

Yoji Matsumura received his BA in Sculpture at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. He then went on to Virginia Commonwealth University for a MFA in Sculpture. He currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.