Chapel: In the Mexican War Streets 1994

Michael Tracy
Artists in Residence: Damien Hirst, Michael Tracy, April 9 – December 31, 1994
mixed media

A summation of the past fifteen years of the artist's work.


The installation is a summation of the past fifteen years of the artist’s work. The gallery is 3,500 square feet, divided longitudinally by a wall.

The entire installation is arranged and constructed according to the principles of ecclesiastical architecture. The first room, which Tracy describes as the “passive space,” is a storage area. A combination of his altarpieces, crosses, tabernacles, and oil paintings are housed there.

The “active space,” which consists of an altar to the left and a sacristy to the right, functions as a performance space. This area contains huge, golden triptychs, dark Stations of the Cross, an altar pierced with machetes, and rows of mesquite chairs.


Curated by Sheena Wagstaff

About the Artist

Michael Tracy is an American artist best known for his sculptures defining a minimalism and conceptual tendencies of the 1980’s and early 1990’s. He lives in San Ignacio, a small border town in Texas.