Curiosity and Joy 2009

Jonny Farringdon and Allison Whitney Meredith
Gestures 13: July 24, 2009 – January 10, 2010
krylon, muslin

Peep through the glass and wave. The brevity of a moment, captured. Still figures in their gesture. Look at me, and away from me. Do they wear their own emotions, or mine?

About the Artist

Jonny Farringdon (British, b. 1967) is an inventor, scientist and designer. Educated as a mathematician, he became senior research fellow at University College London in computer science and cognitive psychology. He led a multi-discipline “wearables” team fusing textiles, fashion and electronics at Philips with its user centered design ethos, resulting in the Philips / Levi’s ICD+ clothing range. He moved to Pittsburgh in 2001 to join BodyMedia where he designs wearable medical sensors and products.