Human to Robot Army 2008

John Peña, Jon Rubin and Brett Yasko
Gestures 11: Meet the Made, July 11 – August 31, 2008
mixed media

Artists Pe a Rubin amp Yasko are building a robot army with the help of willing participants The army consists of hypnotized citizens who...


Artists Peña, Rubin, & Yasko are building a robot army with the help of willing participants. The army consists of hypnotized citizens who when triggered by a key word will act like robots for a short period of time. As the show progresses, be on the lookout for the Human to Robot Army.

About the Artist

John Peña (American, b. 1981) is a multi-disciplinary artist who engages with the natural world to reveal the subtle relationships between humans and nature. Through his art, Peña tries to communicate with the environment around him, often documenting a memorable moment or encounter. Those experiences are then pieced together to create a larger story that evokes appreciation for the ordinary moments in daily life. John received his BFA in Painting from Central Washington University and his MFA from Carnegie Mellon University.

Jon Rubin (American, b. 1963) is an interdisciplinary artist who creates interventions into public life that re-imagine individual, group and institutional behavior. His projects include starting a radio station in an abandoned neighborhood that only plays the sound of an extinct bird and operating a restaurant that produces a live video talk show with its customers. He has exhibited at galleries around the world, including The Guggenheim Museum, The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; The Mercosul Biennial, Brazil; The Shanghai Biennial; Anyang Public Art Project, Korea; The Parkingallery, Tehran, Iran; as well as in backyards, living rooms, and street corners. Rubin is a recipient of the Creative Capital Award and a recent finalist for the International Award for Participatory Art. He is an Associate Professor and Graduate Director in the School of Art Carnegie Mellon University.

Brett Yasko (American, b. 1968) is a graphic designer and artist working in a conceptualist paradigm using text and imagery to subvert traditional notions of language and cultural tropes.