Macaroni Harmony 2011

Hend Samir
Sites of Passage: Egypt and the US, September 9, 2011 – February 12, 2012
sound installation, table, chairs   Curated by Tavia La Follette




Curated by Tavia La Follette

Artist Statement

The story of creation…. Heaven and Hell, Light and Shadow. People don’t have colors except black and white…although there are a lot of other colors… there are Gray, Blue and Red… unseen and superstition in religion and business and merchants of religion… oh they don’t have products. You are going to find people who are confused. They don’t know they are lost or spin, a mask Nekab or sea bathing suit. Oh we are going to live only once… and the goal of Geddo, Egypt’s fate was depending on it… Egypt! Egypt is beautiful and beauty is Egypt… it’s going to solve all our problems… housing, instead of reading for all, it would be housing for all, bread for all, working for all and health care for all. Isn’t this better than reading for all! Beauty of Egypt is a wonderful article but why are we not rising! Rising… Rising… yeah he is a liar… Didn’t he say that the health insurance would cover all the people!! All citizens! Now people are paying a lot to have a health insurance… yeah he is a liar…I have heard him myself saying that! Anyway Mubarak Ramadan- you take care of yourself find a place to pray it’s not my business. All the people are sitting in the cafes and eating Macaroni Harmony. The most beautiful thing is Macaroni Harmony. It’s also great to live in a coma. This Macaroni by the way brings coma because its name is Macaroni Harmony. Try it once and tell me what do you think… meaningless talk…

About the Artist

Hend Samir is an Egyptian artist born in Kuwait in 1986. Faculty of Fine Arts graduate, 2008 in the department of printed designs. Since then Samir is known as a printmaker, designer, media and installation artist that usually identifies her work with concepts like: Homeless in Egypt, Life in Old Cairo and later, The Great Revolution. Her work has been exhibited in The Cairo Atelier, Darb 1718, Syndicate of Plastic Arts at the Opera House and the Van Gogh Gallery. Samir is also the Art Director of the Fayoum International Art Center 2010-2011. The Center is a meeting point for artists from all over the world to be an open path for dialogues between different cultures. It’s also a place where artists can experience painting, printmaking, sculpture, video, sound art, performance art, cartoon and animation. She is also one of the Firefly Tunnels artists. The overall goal of this project is to build a language of peace through the actions of art.